Behind each of our affiliated companies is an indispensable service: plastics recycling of the highest quality.

We create highly efficient recycling solutions that enable one of the most important raw ingredients for the production of goods to be procured and then fed back into stable, value-added cycles – all in an ecologically sound fashion.

We only have one planet.
That determines how we act.

Across society, people are reading the signs of the times: we need to boost plastics recycling to protect our environment and increase the proportion of recyclates in new products (currently 14%). We are tackling this challenge with passion and conviction: we are continuing to develop our recycling processes in terms of materials and energy, we are optimising sorting technology, creating synergetic processes between our affiliated companies and are implementing sustainable recycling cycles at our customers. Our ultimate aspiration is to make sure that nothing is lost: circular resources.

A movie about what moves us – the film of energenta AG.

Plastics recycling with a sustainable impact: on the environment, business and society at large.

Feeding plastic waste back into recycling systems not only helps protect our environment, it also preserves valuable resources by providing them to industry as recyclates or alternative fuels. In turn, this ensures that we will all have access to affordable everyday products, today and in the future. Find out more about our sustainability concept that has enabled us to preserve valuable resources for over 30 years.

Linear production processes that consume high levels of resources have had their day – the future belongs to the circular economy.

So says Gisbert Schulte-Bücker, CEO of energenta AG, who also explains how varied and efficient the Group’s plastics recycling operations already are in an interview. He also talks about how circular systems, product concepts and the role of consumers will continue to develop, so we can continue to enjoy all of the essential benefits of plastics in future.

Because we think holistically, we offer holistic recycling solutions.

Our group of companies is geared towards maximum synergies, so we can implement circular systems at our customers that function smoothly at every point with no losses in efficiency and value. By doing so, we can be sure to supply a consistent quality of raw materials and alternative fuels that are tailor-made for our customers.

Welcoming KVG GmbH Gronau to energenta AG.

We are delighted to welcome KVG GmbH as a new member of the Group. With its extensive experience and quality that matches our own standards, Kunststoff Veredelung Gronau is an ideal addition to energenta AG’s synergy-driven service portfolio. KVG manufactures high-grade regranulates from pure, clean manufacturing waste in the form of films and nonwovens.

Let’s have a chat about how we can implement the right circular strategy for you:

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We think internationally and act locally at each of our sites.

Since the first energenta was set up in 2003, we have grown in both qualitative and quantitative terms thanks to 10 further foundations, co-foundations and acquisitions of companies and participations in companies in Germany and abroad. One of our great strengths, which is appreciated by our national and international customers and partners, is the special quality of our recyclates and alternative fuels. And not to forget our conceptual approach that never loses sight of the holistic solution and comes into play wherever there is a concrete need to act: regionally, at the critical point.

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