Our group of companies: true specialists who work together to offer all-round solutions.

Frictionless recycling chains with maximum added value

Each of our affiliated companies is a known quantity on the market. Depending on the specific assignment, the interaction between them is individually configured for our customers. This creates ideal value creation chains for tailor-made circular solutions that adhere to a simple principle: save CO2, preserve raw materials.

Overview of our value creation cycle

Everything from a single source – our processes and our four areas of business adopt a holistic approach to ensure maximum quality at every point.

Our milestones – step by step to success

2003 – Establishment of energenta gmbh. Ten further incorporations and acquisitions to date.

2004 – Establishment of energenta ersatzbrennstoffe gmbh (joint venture: participating interest 50 %) – specialist in tailor-made alternative fuels and implementation of recycling cycles for all common industrially produced plastics.

2007Integration of emrec gmbh (joint venture: participating interest 33%) into the energenta Group – specialises in transforming unused production residues from the plastics- and paper-processing industries into high-grade, clean alternative fuels and feeding raw materials back into national and international production cycles.

2010/11 – Construction project and relocation to the new site in Ochtrup

2011 – Establishment of energenta polymers srl (Romania). Distribution of ground product, regranulates and new EPS. At the Ploiești site: manufacture of stud plate panels for underfloor heating from EPS and recycled PS.

2013 – Expansion of the manufacturing facilities at the Ochtrup site and construction of the new grinding plant.

2014 – Establishment of energenta recycling solutions gmbh – specialist in the treatment of plastics from the recycling of electrical and electronic devices as well as mixed ground product from the post-industry and post-consumer segments.

Construction of the new Dortmund site of emrec gmbh (joint venture: participating interest 33%)

2020 – Acquisition of Sysplast GmbH – manufacturer of high-quality, styrene-based regranulates and compounds as substitutes for new product, which saves resources, costs and CO2. Sysplast was awarded the first Bavarian Resource Efficiency Prize in 2021.

2022 – Acquisition of KVG GmbH – manufacturer of high-quality PE and PP regranulates from homogeneous and clean production residues as substitutes for new product which are processed directly to make new products.

Experience as a competitive edge

The experience our affiliated companies gathered on the market for circular plastics systems benefits not only our customers and the environment: we are also happy to share it when it comes to defining quality criteria and processes that help set global standards. After all, this is a key prerequisite for driving development forward. For instance, our Group company Sysplast – which at the time was still the recycling centre of Grundig AG – developed criteria for the disposal of used electrical and electronic appliances as early as the mid-1970s that are still valid today. We are continuing along this path.

Overview of the companies.

Our CEO and Supervisory Board

Gisbert Schulte-Bücker
Münster, Germany
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Prof. Dr. jur.RobertMuharremi
Prishtina, Kosovo
Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Dr. med. habil. Dr. jur. RolandWarther
Greven, Germany
Member of the Supervisory Board
Hamburg, Germany

Our management team

Managing Director of Sysplast GmbH
Nuremberg, Germany
Managing Director of energenta polymers srl
Târgu Mureș | Romania
Managing Director of KGV
Gronau, Germany
Managing Director of energenta ersatzbrennstoffe gmbh*
Ochtrup, Germany

*joint venture: participating interest 50%